Dinner Menu

Ask your server about today's special!

We also have Appetizers, Soups, and Salads.

Dinner Menu

Ask your server about today's special!

We also have Appetizers, Soups, and Salads.

Served with a salad (tossed salad, Cole slaw, or cottage cheese), roll and your choice of potato (unless otherwise specified) *baked potatoes available only on Friday evening.

Cod Dinner | 10.99
Choose from 3 pieces of delicious, flaky cod... deep fried and cooked golden brown or broiled (plain, Cajun, or lemon pepper). Served with tartar sauce.

Catfish Dinner | 10.99
The ones that didn't get away... 3 pieces of catfish hand breaded and deep fried golden brown. Served with tartar sauce.

Shrimp | 10.99
Twenty-one bite size pieces of shrimp deep-fried to a golden brown, served with cocktail sauce.

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp | 12.99
Five jumbo shrimp grilled to perfection. Choose from plain, lemon pepper or Cajun.

Sirloin Tip Steak | 6 Ounce 13.49 10 Ounce 17.49

The pride of Wisconsin an eight-ounce cut of top sirloin grilled to your liking.

Rib Tips | 10.99
Eight ounces of smoked pork rib tips BBQ sauced, sweet chili, honey garlic or plain.
Add three grilled shrimp seasoned with lemon pepper, Cajun or plain | 3.49

Pork Chop Dinner | 7.99
A great choice for those who love pork, a four ounce juicy pork chop.

Smoked Ham Steak | 9.99
Eight ounces of delicious ham steak grilled to perfection.

Hamburger Steak | 9.99
A belt buster... this eight ounce ground beef patty is grilled to perfection
Add sautéed mushrooms or onions for 1.00 extra

Country Fried Steak | 9.49
Bread steak fried to perfection sided with mashed potatoes and smothered in country gravy.

Hot Beef Dinner
Small 8.99 | Large 10.99
Sliced hot, slow roasted Italian beef served on bread, sided with mashed potatoes and then smothered with gravy.

Pot Roast Dinner | 10.99
Tender pot roast served up with mashed potatoes and brown gravy.

Chicken Wing Dinner | 10.99
Eight breaded chicken wings this one's for our chicken lovers. Grab them with sauce on the sided or we'll toss them in your favorite sauce.
Options: Frank's red hot, honey garlic, garlic parmesan, sweet chili, or BBQ






Daily Specials

Three-piece Cod or Catfish served with salad bar, soup and your choice of potato.

Kids Menu

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese | 2.50

3 Piece Chicken Nuggets | 3.00
with French Fries or Mashed Potatoes

3 Piece Mini Corndogs | 3.25
with French Fries or Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Cheese Sandwich | 3.29
with French Fries or Mashed Potatoes

Hotdog | 3.29
with French Fries or Mashed Potatoes

Cheese Quesadilla | 3.59
with tater tot rounds

*Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of foodborne illness. Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked. Consult your physician or public health official for further information.


Tots at Friedericks Family Restaurant in Fennimore, WI.

Sour Cream and Chive Fries
Small 2.09 | Large 2.79

Tater Tot Rounds
Small 1.39 | Large 1.99

Waffle Fries: Seasoned or Regular
Small 1.99 |  Large 2.29

French Fries
Small 1.59 |  Large 2.09

Homemade Chips
Small 1.79 |  Large 2.29

Mashed Potatoes

Hash Browns
Small 1.59 | Large 1.99
Add cheese or onions .50 each

Baked Potato
(Friday only) 1.99

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